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How much does car finance cost

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  • On 09, Feb 2019

If you’re looking for no deposit finance on your next car, bike or van, then you’re in the right place! Right now we can offer no deposit finance on just under 3,000 vehicles from 100+ dealers all over the UK, but our network is growing every day. Our experienced finance team can cater for all circumstances, including: Employment:…

Follow us @cheapcarloans

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  • On 09, Feb 2019

At ShoKarz.com we provide no deposit finance for cars, bikes and vans. At the time of going live, we have just under 3,000 vehicles from 100 dealers across the UK & this is growing every single day. We now share selected vehicles to Instagram profile @cheapcarloans …

ShoKarz v1.0 is live!

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  • On 02, Feb 2019

We are delighted to say our new website is live! As of 1st February 2019 we can offer no deposit finance on 2,806 cars, bikes and vans from 104 dealers across the UK: Our team has more than twenty years experience of car, bike and van finance, with options available for all credit circumstances. We have built in…

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