If you’re looking to buy your first car and need help arranging the finance, we’re on hand to help. Whether you have just passed test or still have your provisional driving licence, our experienced finance team will do their best to get a suitable car loan in place for you.

Can I get finance for any car with a provisional licence?

The short answer is: yes, you might be able to get finance for any car when you have a provisional licence. The slightly longer answer is: there may be some restrictions, depending on your age and how many years you have held a provisional licence.

Our finance team will be able to guide you through the process and, once we have your loan approved with one of our lenders, we will be able to confirm what is or isn’t available.

Ultimately, if you’re a young driver with a provisional licence, we’ve got a much better chance of sorting a £5,000 Vauxhall Corsa than we have a £65,000 BMW M5….

I’ve passed my test but don’t have my licence back. Can I still get car finance?

Maybe. Some lenders will accept a pass certificate plus in date photo ID (such as a passport), whilst others request to see the new licence.

If it turns out you’re approved by one of our lenders that requires the actual licence, we can still get your loan documents signed, so you’re then able to collect the car as soon as your licence arrives!

How do I apply for car finance with a provisional licence?

The process is the same whether you have no driving licence, provisional licence, full UK licence, European or International driving licence. You can apply on-line or call our team on 01926 498 434.