If you’re looking for no deposit finance on your next car, bike or van, then you’re in the right place! Right now we can offer no deposit finance on just under 3,000 vehicles from 100+ dealers all over the UK, but our network is growing every day. Our experienced finance team can cater for all circumstances, including:
  • Employment: full time employed, self-employed, benefits or retired 
  • Credit rating: good, bad and everything in between
  • Driving licence: full UK licence, provisional UK licence, European licence or even no driving licence
  • Residential status: home owner, private rented, council tenant, living with parents, living with family member, army barracks, or on-site accommodation provided by your employer
  • Less than 3 years living in the UK
We do not guarantee finance but we will do everything we can, using our 20+ years experience and wide panel of lenders, to get your application approved within your required budget. You can apply for finance on-line or, if you prefer to speak to someone, you can call 01926 498 434. Our team is available 9 days per week. Once your loan application has been approved by one of our lenders, we can tell you how much it will cost per month for your chosen vehicle. We will be able to confirm your interest rate and any documentation that will be required. If you want to get a rough idea of costs before you make an application, you can use our finance calculator: How much will the car bike or van finance cost per month We’ve tried to make the finance calculator as simple as possible to use but if you do need any assistance, we have included some examples below. Alternatively, our finance team would be more than happy to help. Please bear in mind the calculator is for illustrative purposes only, showing approximate interest rates for excellent, good, average, poor, bad and terrible credit ratings. Figures include a document fee of £368 however this can vary from lender to lender, with some charging £0 or £1. The following examples show how payments very with different credit ratings, assuming £5,000 is being borrowed over 36 months: Example 1: excellent credit rating = £168 per month @ 4.25% flat Car Finance Excellent Credit Rating Example 2: good credit rating = £178 per month @ 6.5% flat Car Finance Good Credit Rating Example 3: average credit rating = £189 per month @ 8.99% flat Car Finance Average Credit RatingExample 4: poor credit rating = £207 per month @ 13% flat Car Finance Poor Credit Rating Example 5: bad credit rating = £216 per month @ 15% flat Car Finance Bad Credit Rating Example 6: terrible credit rating = £229 per month @ 18% flat Car Finance Terrible Credit Rating The impact of credit scores can be massive over the length of a loan. Based on the examples above, it would cost £2,214.26 more for someone with terrible credit compared to someone with excellent credit. There are ways to reduce this amount and we will cover this, as well as tips on how to improve your credit rating, in future blog posts.