Formula One, the highest class of single-seat car racing, visited Azerbaijan over the weekend, pitting drivers from all around the world against one another, on a road track in the capital Baku. Azerbaijan is a small country West of Turkey and bordering Armenia.

On lap 40, out of the 50 in a full race, the red Bull team are knocked out of the race when Ricciardo collides with the back of his teammate Verstappen’s car.

Daniel Ricciardo later insists that there is no bad blood between the him and Max Verstappen after the collision. “Disappointing for the team, we lost a lot of points unnecessarily,” Ricciardo states, “we didn’t need to talk about who is at fault because we are representing a team… This has happened before, you learn from it and we have to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”
Lap 49 came around, the second to last, and team Mercedes are in first and second place. Bottas, in first, runs over some crash debris causing a puncture, knocking him out of the race also. This leaves Hamilton in first on the last lap, who kept his position and won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix this year.

He later explains that he wasn’t expecting to win, saying “it feels odd to be up here (on the podium) but I didn’t give up and I kept pushing. It was also definitely an untidy race for me.”
Bottas also speaks about his puncture after the race; “it is difficult to say anything… It’s just unfortunate, unlucky.” Making the joke “I’ll maybe have 10 pints of beer and be fine,” before saying “I’ll get through it, it’s part of racing.”
This victory puts Lewis Hamilton at the top of the season’s rankings with 70 points, but Sebastian Vettel, a driver for Ferrari and Hamilton’s main rival, won’t make it easy for Hamilton with a very close score of 66.