This year, Lamborghini will release the newest, fastest model of the Aventador. Spy pictures have captured the car being tested on the roads and on track, showing the V12 supercar in all its glory.

This four wheel drive model is the latest of the Aventador S range, and is estimated to provide boosts in performance over the previous SV model, which was limited to only 600 units.

With the added aerodynamic bodywork, this estimate does seem to be true. Starting at the front, a much larger splitter has been added, and a new wing at the back, fastened in place by two curving arms, one at either side, and a single arm in the centre. There is a new dual-pipe exhaust system, with the two outputs being centred at the back, above the diffuser. This increases the diffuser’s effectiveness as it removes the exhaust fumes from an aerodynamic system designed for air.

Lamborghini have yet to comment on these spy pictures as the car is still in development, however it is understood to be releasing later this year.

The estimated performance increase over the Aventador S, which released in 2017 with 730bhp, puts the SVJ at a huge 780bhp, which makes it 90bhp above the Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

Further evidence suggesting this power increase is the J in SVJ, standing for Jota. Jota is the Spanish word for the letter J and Lamborghini have applied this to some of their most powerful supercars, like the Diablo and the Miura.

Jota models are renown for being produced in very limited numbers. There are 28 Diablos in existence, the Aventador J and Miura Jota were only produced once each. The Aventador SVJ will most likely follow suite, and only be produced in very limited numbers, probably less than the 600 SV’s that were made. If the SVJ is limited, the price is expected to jump up from the £321,743 for an Aventador SV.